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I’m Off To Copenhagen

I know I said I would blog today but I’m at the airport heading to Copenhagen with Claus for five days before returning home to California. I will write on the airplane home and fill you in. (I’ll post on Twitter and Facebook once I upload it.) Who knew the Camino went all the way to Denmark…well, at least mine does. 🙂

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  1. Enjoy your journey!!! What a beautiful picture of you two. Can’t wait to her all what you have to say, and what God has down loaded into your heart. God bless!!!!

  2. The REAL Camino (in my opinion) begins at Santiago! Your Hero’s Journey continues and how delightful it is! I love what happens when people step outside their comfort zones! Enjoy, delight, lean in! (Whew! Could I add any more cliches and catch phrases? But they are heartfelt!) Buen Camino, Peregrina! – Ginn, In Sunny SC

  3. Lisa;

    I’ve been off galavanting on a World Vision service trip with no internet/cell access (I know…horrific!) and was just able to catch up on your last 4-5 blog posts. I wanted the opportunity to congratulate you on completing your incredibly impressive and inspiring Walk. It has taken me on my own micro-walk in my head and I thank you for providing the platform to do that.

    As I read the last few posts and saw the “ending” to date I felt as though I had been watching an Indy film filled with beautiful imagery, no dialogue for the person(s) on screen and only your inspiring narration in the background…all of this giving the audience much pause for thought and inner reflection. Yes…that’s how well you write.

    As I see you are in Denmark with Claus, I couldn’t wish a better post-walk outcome for you. I’m so genuinely happy for you.

    The experiences behind the human condition are never easy and sometimes conflicting; some guidance or navigation is always helpful and I think you’ve provided that for many of us that identify with your nature. Thanks again for being so brave and open to share your vulnerability, emotions, thoughts and observations. It was all very applicable to me so I scooped it up; I feel as though I’ve received a virtual gift from you and I’m grateful for it.

    I look forward to your future posts and hope there are not many residual body aches and pains….damn, I went through a hole bottle of Advil trying to virtually triage you from this end! #virtualmojotransfer

    In Gratitude,

  4. You Go Girl… have fun with Claus in Denmark! You deserve to be happy! Enjoy your trip and safe travels home! Looking forward to more blogs and photos!

  5. This is so much better than any Hallmark movie. God’s plans for our lives are so much better than we could ever dream or imagine.

  6. I started following your Camino late, but have finally caught up to you. I pray your journey to Copenhagen is fun and full of new friends. I was blessed to meet you at a MomTime get-away several years ago in Kansas City. My husband had recently returned from a year in Baghdad, so it was a time for me to rest in faith and friendship with other women, while listening to a speaker I felt I had been friends with since childhood, only you were much more real and fun in this time. I hope you have been able to have many teas since then and can enjoy your respite after your Camino.

    Many blessings to you, your family and friends who lift us up.

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