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John O’Donohue

For the Traveler by John O'Donohue Every time you leave home, Another road takes you Into a world you were never in. New strangers on other paths await. New places that have never seen you Will startle a little at…

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I Met A Man

Where do I begin? I’m now 72 very full hours of Camino life behind blogging and those 3 days have been filled with 3 months worth of stupefying sights and insights. I guess I’ll start with where I am in…

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iPhone Fiasco

This is just a quick not to let you know that my iPhone crashed last night (pilot error) but it is now hobbling along enough that I will be able to write again but there will be a delay in posting…

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When Beauty Hurts

So, I bundle up on this cold, Icelandic morning and head out for another day of driving through a postcard. Leaving Reykjavik, I’m struck with how clean the city is. Not just as in “cleanliness” but in the very architecture.…

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